A three-year PhD scholarship is available in the School of Public Health at Curtin University to conduct research into the childhood health effects of vaccination during pregnancy. Influenza and pertussis can cause severe disease in young infants, resulting in hospitalisation and premature death. To protect these infants in the first few months of life, vaccines are currently recommended during pregnancy. While the benefits of vaccination have been well documented in infants up to six months of age, little is currently known about the health impacts beyond infancy.
This PhD will lead epidemiological research which will compare the development of acute and chronic respiratory diseases in children whose mothers received recommended vaccines to children of unvaccinated mothers. The successful candidate will achieve this work by conducting longitudinal analyses of population-based linked datasets in Australia. Results from this PhD will provide important evidence for informing vaccine policy in Australia and globally.

Primary supervision will be provided by This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. in the School of Public Health. However, the Candidate will also work closely with researchers from the Telethon Kids Institute and international collaborators on the project.