UQ Lockup Purple RGB WHITEEnrolment status: New students

Student type: Domestic students

Level of study: Higher Degree by Research

HDR funding type: Living stipend scholarship, Tuition scholarship

Scholarship value: Living stipend of $28,597 per annum tax free (2021 rate), indexed annually

Scholarship duration: 3 years

Scholarship top-up: $5,000 annually for 3 years

Earmarked scholarships are funded by the Australian Government to assist PhD students with their living costs and tuition fees. Scholarships are offered for projects that are aligned with recently awarded Category 1 research grants. They offer students the opportunity to work with leading researchers and contribute to large projects of national significance.

The Centre for Longitudinal and Life-course Research (CLLR) at The University of Queensland is currently offering three PhD scholarships to exceptional domestic students.   We are seeking applicants with a strong background in biostatistics and life-course epidemiology. Successful applicants will enrol through The University of Queensland’s Faculty of Medicine and will be based at the School of Public Health in Herston, Brisbane.  The CLLR is offering a $5,000 top-up for each scholarship awarded.

Our first scholarship is with the NHMRC Centre of Research Excellence on Women and Non-communicable diseases: Prevention and Detection. The successful candidate will conduct either:  

- a comprehensive assessment of Australian women’s use of health services across life stages, identifying key factors influencing distinct patterns of health service use and assessing the comparative impact of NCDs (e.g., diabetes, heart disease, cancer etc.) on health service use


- a systematic investigation into the associations of established and emerging risk factors (such as stressful life events) at each stage of women’s lives (including early life, young adults, main reproductive stage, menopausal transition and later life) with NCD incidence.

Our second scholarship is with the Mother’s and their Children’s Healthcare Experience Study (MatCHES), which will survey over 1,500 Australian mothers on their engagement and experiences with preventive care, from preconception to pregnancy, including their children’s care (≤6 years). This data will be combined with existing survey data from the Australian Longitudinal Study on Women’s Health as well as linked health data.  The successful candidate will have the opportunity to contribute to the development of MatCHES, be engaged in data collection, and contribute to translating this new evidence into a range of outputs for policymakers, health professionals, and consumers.  

Our third scholarship is with the Genetic variants, Early Life exposures, and Longitudinal Endometriosis symptoms Study (GELLES), which will compare survey data and DNA samples from women with and without endometriosis in the Australian Longitudinal Study on Women’s Health to
identify factors and symptoms linked with increased risk of endometriosis and longer time to diagnosis. Students interested in contributing to development of new clinical tools for assessing the risk of endometriosis, and of clinical guidelines to reduce time required for diagnosis are particularly encouraged to apply.

For each scholarship, supervisors will work with candidates to develop a PhD project that is in line with the candidate’s research interests and also fits within the overall scope of the project.

More details about earmarked scholarships can be found on UQ’s graduate school website.

If you have any queries about the projects, please contact Ms. Reshika Chand (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).