unisaA pharmacovigilance project suitable for a PhD candidate is being offered at the Quality Use of Medicine and Pharmacy Research Centre. Your Project will focus on the use of biologic medicines to treat one or more autoimmune diseases such as inflammatory bowel diseases (Crohn’s disease and/or ulcerative colitis). With a primary focus on the safety of biologic treatments, your project will look at the utilisation and treatment patterns of these medicines before establishing known risks of these medicines in spontaneous adverse drug event databases such as the FDA Adverse Event Reporting System (FAERS). With known risks quantified, used as baseline true positive signals, you will find unknown signals concerning medicine safety to be studied further in a predictive framework on prospective cohort data.

This opportunity could accommodate either a pharmacist who is interested in developing their data analysis skills or a quantitative scientist (E.g. statistician or data scientist) who has an interest in biological applications of their skills. You will collaborate with pharmacists, epidemiologists, statisticians and computer scientists to develop highly relevant skills in pharmacovigilance and related biological and data sciences as well as undertake important research that aims to benefit patients around the world.

This PhD project aligns with a NHMRC project grant: Large scale evidence generation for the utilisation and safety of biologic medicines which seeks to:

  • Utilise global research data networks to monitor the safety of biologics
  • Profile trends and treatment patterns of biologics globally and investigate how these treatment patterns contribute to harm.
  • Generate evidence on the risks and extent of harm of biologics in real world practice
  • The grant team includes leading international biostatisticians, clinicians, pharmacoepidemiologists and data scientists. Come and join our team to improve global medicines safety!

Further information regarding Eligibility and Selection, Financial Support is available from the following link: https://www.unisa.edu.au/research/degrees/research-projects/#predictive-modelling-for-safety-signal-detect