Apply for the 2022 Master of Philosophy in Applied Epidemiology (MAE) Program

ANUDo you want to be on the frontline addressing public health threats? Do you want sound skills in field epidemiology and to be able to use these to make a difference? If so, the MAE is for you.

The Master of Philosophy in Applied Epidemiology (MAE) Program is Australia’s long standing and globally recognised Field Epidemiology Training Program. This is a two-year research degree that emphasises learning by doing. You will spend the majority of your time in a field placement (typically a government health department or other appropriate health organisation) conducting useful and important projects under the supervision of a field and academic supervisor while supported via a tax-free scholarship of $50,000 per annum for your degree.

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Predictive Modelling for Safety Signal Detection with Biologic Medicines

unisaA pharmacovigilance project suitable for a PhD candidate is being offered at the Quality Use of Medicine and Pharmacy Research Centre. Your Project will focus on the use of biologic medicines to treat one or more autoimmune diseases such as inflammatory bowel diseases (Crohn’s disease and/or ulcerative colitis). With a primary focus on the safety of biologic treatments, your project will look at the utilisation and treatment patterns of these medicines before establishing known risks of these medicines in spontaneous adverse drug event databases such as the FDA Adverse Event Reporting System (FAERS). With known risks quantified, used as baseline true positive signals, you will find unknown signals concerning medicine safety to be studied further in a predictive framework on prospective cohort data.

This opportunity could accommodate either a pharmacist who is interested in developing their data analysis skills or a quantitative scientist (E.g. statistician or data scientist) who has an interest in biological applications of their skills. You will collaborate with pharmacists, epidemiologists, statisticians and computer scientists to develop highly relevant skills in pharmacovigilance and related biological and data sciences as well as undertake important research that aims to benefit patients around the world.

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Evaluation of Deakin University’s Student Mental Health & Wellbeing Strategy

Deakin 300x300The Scholarship

Deakin University has implemented a Student Mental Health & Wellbeing Strategy 2019—2022, and has formed a set of Action Groups to progress and evaluate the Strategy.  The Strategy aims to:

1)     Identify, address and minimise risk factors that may affect students’ mental health 

2)     Promote protective and preventative factors that influence positive mental health and wellbeing 

3)     Ensure any student who experiences mental health problems is properly supported to continue to learn or re-engage in study.

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Study Biostatistics with the Biostatistics Collaboration of Australia (BCA)

BCA NikkiThe BCA is a consortium of Australian Universities offering an accredited national program of postgraduate courses in Biostatistics. Take this exciting step to develop your professional career in biostatistics!

"The knowledge and skills I've developed through my study with the BCA have made me competitive in the industry and have increased my confidence as a biostatistician.

I have felt overwhelmingly supported as a student undertaking my Masters while maintaining full-time work and caring for a young family. "

- Nikki Fozzard

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