Life Members

Life membership can be awarded to nominated individuals who meet at least two of the following criteria:

  been a member of the Association for 10 or more years including current financial member;

  served as a council member of the AEA;

  contributed significantly through research or other involvement in epidemiology either

   a)  to the international reputation of Australasian epidemiology, or

   b)  to the advancement of public health in Australasia.

  • 2008   Basil Hetzel and Lyn Watson
  • 2009   John Langley and Neil Pearce
  • 2010   Robert Cumming
  • 2011   Carol Bower, Stephen Leeder and Michael Alpers
  • 2012   Roy Scragg
  • 2013   Annette Dobson and Adele Green
  • 2014   Robert Scragg and Rod Jackson
  • 2016   Les Irwig
  • 2017   Christine Roberts

 Mentoring Awards

The AEA Mentoring Awards were introduced in 2010 to recognise a senior member of AEA who has made a significant contribution to mentoring early-career practitioners in the fields of epidemiology, biostatistics or related disciplines.

  • 2010   Lyn Fritschi, Alison Venn
  • 2011   Joan Cunningham
  • 2013   John Lynch, Christine Roberts
  • 2014   Siranda Torvaldsen, Rod McClure
  • 2015   John Carlin
  • 2016   Tony Blakely
  • 2017   Dallas English

 Mid-Career Travel Award

Introduced in 2012, this award supports a mid-career member of the Association to undertake travel for professional purposes.

  • 2012   Belinda Gabbe, Xue Qin Yu
  • 2013   Jane Hocking, Brigid Lynch
  • 2014   Kylie Smith, Lisa Smithers
  • 2015   Helen Kelsall, Lianne Parkin
  • 2016   Duong (Danielle) Tran
  • 2017   Adrienne O'Neil

Early Career Researcher Travel Award

The Early Career Researcher Travel Awards were introduced in 2010 to support travel for professional purposes. Postgraduate student members are eligible for these awards.

  • 2010   Colleen O’Leary, Hannah Moore
  • 2011   Tessa Keegel, Aung Ko Win
  • 2012   Rosanne Freak-Poli, Yu Sun Bin
  • 2013   Matthew Page, Sheena Sullivan
  • 2014   Bronwyn Brew, Fabian Kong
  • 2015   Katy Bell, Eric Chow
  • 2016   Zoe Aitken
  • 2017   Briony Murphy, Susanna Cramb

IEA-AEA Exchange Award