This position is with the Centre for Research and Action in Public Health (CeRAPH) in the UC-Health Research Institute. The successful candidate will support research projects funded by the Digital Health Cooperative Research Centre DH CRC. https://www.digitalhealthcrc.com/ which was established in 2018 with $220M in funding with over 80 industry partners and 16 universities. The applicant will work with the newly established Australian Geospatial Health Research Lab (AGeo-L), an industry partnership between the University of Canberra and GIS industry world leader Esri to support population research applying spatial epidemiology to understand and prevent chronic disease. AGeo-L enables the elucidation of built, social, natural and physical environmental factors to be targeted by policy and practice-level innovations to reduce risk factors and treatment costs arising from obesity, metabolic syndrome, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases and cancers. Such work involves geospatial modelling with inferential, multi-level analyses assessing environmental features together with individual risk factors (diet, physical activity, alcohol, smoking, clinical measures, biomarkers and disease outcomes) as these vary over time and change in response to policy, and public health and practice-based intervention. Predictive modelling informs the depiction of high-priority target areas and provides stakeholders indispensable decision-making tools for the planning of public health policy and practice interventions.


  1. Provide leadership and direction in the development and application of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) to analyses of environmental indicators, health-related behaviour and health and wellbeing indicators, disease outcomes and consequences, and health care provision and utilisation.
  2. Undertake geo-spatial mapping and advanced spatial analysis to investigate patterns/drivers of chronic diseases and associated health outcomes.
  3. Manage large and complex health databases with spatial components.
  4. Ensure confidentiality of databases and related information and adhere to data governance requirements and legislation.
  5. Liaise and coordinate with external organisations in the collection and sharing of expertise, information and data sets that support GIS applications.
  6. Source and access relevant health and spatial data from external organisations.
  7. Contribute to writing of research publications, reports and presentations, including peer-reviewed journal articles. Contribute to development of research ethics applications.
  8. Assist with the supervision of HDR students and mentoring of junior staff.

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For application instructions, please go to : http://uctalent.canberra.edu.au/cw/en/listing

Closing date 21 Nov 2019. Necessary enquiries regarding this position should be addressed to Prof. Mark Daniel at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.