Perth Epidemiology Group

Convenor: Adeleh Shirangi

Susan Peters, Secretary
Kingsley Wong, Treasurer
Sarah Joyce
Nick de Klerk
Helen Leonard
Maryam Mozooni
Linda Slack-Smith
Ania Stasinska
Izza Wahab

The Perth Epidemiology Group (PEG) is the Western Australian Chapter of the AEA and was formed in late 2000. 

PEG's role is to encourage professional development and networking among epidemiologists, public health professionals and students in Western Australia. Anyone can join and participate in PEG, and you don’t have to be an AEA member to do so.

PEGnet, our email-based information distribution channel, is a useful means of keeping PEG members informed about various activities and seminars in the local region. To join PEGnet go to and follow the links to subscribe.

Our activities include the PEG Seminar Series (held monthly) and the PEG Annual Scientific Meeting in which people can share their epidemiological experiences in a relaxed setting with plenty of time to spend talking, eating, drinking and enjoying the surroundings.

Anyone interested in participating in PEG activities please contact our convenors Cema.

You can now get in touch with us through the following social networking sites.

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