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Hi all

I'm thinking about updating the adult physical activity measures for our 2020 ACT General Health Survey. We currently ask times in the last week, hours in the last week and minutes in the last week for walking, moderate activity and vigorous activity - the questions from the Active Australia Survey. The reason I'm thinking about changing them are that I can't work out how to calculate whether adults aged 65 and over are meeting the physical activity guideline (30 minutes/day on most days) and I'm not sure what the difference is between walking and moderate activity. Also, I was wondering how others report adult physical activity? We currently report adult physical activity as the 'sufficient activity for health' definition that I found in an Active Australia report from 2003 on reporting physical activity measures (i.e. add up all activity where vigorous activity is multiplied by 2 and if it is 150 minutes or more on at least 5 occasions, then that is sufficient). My preference would be to report against the physical activity guideline of 150 minutes or more of moderate activity/week or 75 minutes or more of vigorous activity/week, or a combination of both. The issue with this will be reporting for adults aged 65 and over because we don't ask about the number of days they are active so we can't calculate whether they are active on most days. So, I'm thinking of changing the number of times questions to number of days (so that we can then measure older adults against the guideline) and also of combining walking with moderate activity (having them as a separate set of questions can confuse respondents and it would also reduce survey length if combined). I guess I'm a little reluctant to change them though because the physical activity questions are used throughout most health surveys (from what I can tell!). Is anyone else considering changing these questions? Does anyone know if there is an opportunity to update the questions within the Active Australia Survey?? Apologies for the long-winded message! Appreciate others thoughts on this.



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