Departmental Membership

Register for Departmental Membership to enable all members of your department access to the AEA.

Note: These are restricted to sub-units of an organisation, particularly for large organisations such as a university.

Departmental Membership comparison





1 to 5 members





Normal Price
Full / Student & Special Circumstance 
Membership from 1 st July 2017
$110 / $60

6 to 10 members



11 to 20 members




Discounted Bulletin & Website Advertising Rates for Departmental Membership

Both Bulletin and Website $80


Normal Price





As with Individual Memberships, Departmental Memberships will run for 1 year from the date membership fees are processed.

Member Rights

All Members under Departmental Membership qualify for discounted conference rates as for Full or Student Members (whichever is applicable).

All Full Members under Departmental Membership are eligible to vote or stand in elections as Ordinary Members.

Administration of Departmental Memberships

  1. Departments should nominate a representative to act as a contact person for individuals who wish to join / renew AEA membership under the department.
  2. The departmental representative should email the Membership Officer ( and Webmaster ( with their details, which will be publicly listed on the AEA website. This will include the number of allowable and current members included under the Departmental Membership.
  3. Upon payment of the Departmental Membership fee, the departmental representative will be given a coupon code to circulate to individuals who wish to join as members under the department.
  4. Individuals joining Departmental Membership need to register as Full, Student, or Special Circumstances on the AEA website (whichever is applicable), but payment will be waived using the departmental coupon code.
  5. Departments should circulate information about AEA membership to their staff and students to make the most out of their memberships.
  6. Current memberships will NOT be refunded. However, once current membership expires, Departmental Memberships can be used to extend individual membership to the expiry date associated with the Departmental Membership.
  7. Departments will be requested to pay for a higher level of membership if numbers of members exceed the allowable maximum.
  8. The Membership Officer will report on the numbers of Departmental Memberships and the numbers of individuals registered under these as part of the Membership Report.

AEA Membership Plans