AEA Membership

Member Awards

Life Members

Life membership can be awarded to nominated individuals who meet at least two of the following criteria:

  been a member of the Association for 10 or more years including current financial member;

  served as a council member of the AEA;

  contributed significantly through research or other involvement in epidemiology either

   a)  to the international reputation of Australasian epidemiology, or

   b)  to the advancement of public health in Australasia.

  • 1997   Basil Hetzel 
  • 2008   Lyn Watson
  • 2009   John Langley and Neil Pearce
  • 2010   Robert Cumming
  • 2011   Carol Bower, Stephen Leeder and Michael Alpers
  • 2012   Roy Scragg
  • 2013   Annette Dobson and Adele Green
  • 2014   Robert Scragg and Rod Jackson
  • 2016   Les Irwig
  • 2017   Christine Roberts
  • 2018   Bruce Armstrong and Fiona Stanley
  • 2019   Margaret Bright and Penelope Webb
  • 2020   Lin Fritschi
  • 2021   Graham Colditz, Joan Cunningham

 Mentoring Awards

The AEA Mentoring Awards were introduced in 2010 to recognise a senior member of AEA who has made a significant contribution to mentoring early-career practitioners in the fields of epidemiology, biostatistics or related disciplines.

  • 2010   Lin Fritschi, Alison Venn
  • 2011   Joan Cunningham
  • 2013   John Lynch, Christine Roberts
  • 2014   Siranda Torvaldsen, Rod McClure
  • 2015   John Carlin
  • 2016   Tony Blakely
  • 2017   Dallas English
  • 2018   Vera Morgan
  • 2019   Linda Slack-Smith
  • 2020   Julie Simpson
  • 2021   Guy Marks

img 04Ian Prior Oration

  • 2019   Anne Kavanagh

 Mid-Career Travel/Professional Development Award

Introduced in 2012, this award supports a mid-career member of the Association to undertake travel for professional purposes.

  • 2012   Belinda Gabbe, Xue Qin Yu
  • 2013   Jane Hocking, Brigid Lynch
  • 2014   Kylie Smith, Lisa Smithers
  • 2015   Helen Kelsall, Lianne Parkin
  • 2016   Duong (Danielle) Tran
  • 2017   Adrienne O'Neil
  • 2018   Cattram Nguyen (University-based), Emma Quinn (non-University based)
  • 2019   A/Prof Eric Chow, Dr Joshua Vogel, A/Prof Ilana Ackerman
  • 2022   Katy Bell

Early Career Researcher Travel/Professional Development Award

The Early Career Researcher Travel Awards were introduced in 2010 to support travel for professional purposes. Postgraduate student members are eligible for these awards.

IEA-AEA Exchange Award


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