Innovative Methods in Trials- Design & Analysis Collaboration Opportunity

AusTriMThe Australian Trials Methodology (AusTriM) Research Network is an NHMRC Centre of Research Excellence devoted to the development, evaluation and application of innovative clinical trial methodology. 

The network is offering clinical trialists the opportunity to receive advice and support to answer important clinical questions using innovative methods. The successful applicant / team can expect us to collaborate with them to either i. design a new clinical trial (Stream A) or ii. analyse existing trial data (Stream B).

What is on offer



Do you have a clinical question and wish to design a trial using innovative methodologies to answer it?          


Do you have existing trial data to be (re)analysed using innovative approaches?

Our Investigator team can collaborate with you to utilise methodologies such as the following:

  • Adaptive platform trials
  • Multi-arm multi-stage (MAMS) designs
  • Cluster randomised crossover trials
  • Stepped wedge trials (e.g. with time-to-event endpoints)
  • Partially clustered trials              
  • Compliance-adjusted analysis in randomised trials
  • Methods for missing data
  • Composite endpoints
  • Treatment mechanisms and surrogate outcomes

Further information and details on how to apply can be found on the AusTriM website: 

AusTriM Innovative Methods in Trials Design & Analysis Collaboration


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