The aims of the Australasian Epidemiological Association (AEA) are to develop and promote the discipline of epidemiology in Australasia through:

  • promoting excellence and innovation in the practice of epidemiological methods
  • communication of issues relevant to epidemiologists
  • advocating for funding, capacity building and policy development
  • strategic alliances with related organisations to maintain high standards in teaching and research and to promote the use of evidence in health-related policy making and clinical practice.

This will be achieved through being an organisation committed to:

  • leadership and advocacy on key issues related to the discipline of epidemiology
  • excellence in governance
  • a strong, diverse member focus.


AEA is governed by a seven member council elected from the membership. Five members of Council form the Executive, namely the President, Vice-President, President-elect, Treasurer and Honorary Secretary. At least one member of Council must be based in New Zealand.

Other roles within council include the coordination of local chapters, and management of the website. The council co-opts a student member to coordinate student matters.

pdf AEA Amended Constitution 20200916 (282 KB)


Privacy Policy

Being finalised.

AEA Equity and Diversity Policy

pdf AEA Diversity Policy V1 20190321 (169 KB)

AEA in-kind and financial support of events Policy

pdf AEA financial support of events policy V1 20190321 (246 KB)

AEA Events Code of Conduct

pdf AEA Events Code of Conduct 20190321 (167 KB)

AEA Conflicts of Interest Policy

pdf AEA Conflict of Interest Policy V1 20190915 (164 KB)

AEA Forum Code of Conduct

pdf AEA Forum Code of Conduct (219 KB)

AEA Forum Privacy Policy

pdf AEA Forum Privacy Policy (215 KB)


AEA submissions to review bodies:

pdf AEA letter to Health Minister climate change and NPHS (73 KB)  - Call for climate action in the National Preventive Health Strategy - September 2020

pdf Health groups letter re COVID paid leave (432 KB)  May 2020

pdf AEA letter to Federal and State/Territory Ministers for Health (107 KB) in support of frontline epidemiologists and to push for long-term, sustained investment in Public Health May 2020

Fields of Research and Socio-Economic Objectives classifications -  pdf ANZSRC consultation draft AEA feedback (203 KB)  January 2020

pdf Submission to NHMRC’s Targeted consultation on “A Framework for NHMRC Assessment and Funding of Clinical Trials and Cohort Studies” (33 KB)  July 2017

pdf  AEA McKeon Review Comments 2012 (147.51 kB) March 2012

pdf  Expenditure Review Committee (794.2 kB) March 2011

document  Review of the National Statement on Ethical Conduct in Research Involving Humans (303 kB)  Mar 2005

document  Review of the Medicare and Pharmaceutical Benefits Programs Privacy Guidelines (under Section 135AA (38.5 kB)  Feb 2005

document  Review of the Private Sector Provisions of the Privacy Act 1988 (29 kB)  Feb 2005