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OB stud 1On August 31st, six of Sydney's most eminent epidemiologists and public health researchers took to the stage to debate this hotly contested topic.

With tightly contested arguments offered by both sides, observational studies came out on top in the Debate jointly organised by the NSW Chapter of the AEA and the NSW Branch of the Public Health Association of Australia. Causality, confounders and the validity of observational studies were some of the fallacies highlighted by the affirmative team while the negative side stressed the practicality and relevance that observational studies still retained.

For those who missed out, the debate was recorded and can be viewed here:

Thanks to-
The speakers: Prof Alexandra Barratt, Prof Andrew Hayen, Prof Anne Cust, Prof Anthony Rodgers, A/Prof Germaine Wong, Prof Mary-Louise McLaws
The organising committee: Yu Sun Bin, Nicole Brun, Andrew Hayen, Alvin Lee, Hanna Tervonen, Robin Turner, Simon Willcox
And the hosts: The Australian Centre for Public and Population Health Research (ACPPHR), University of Technology, Sydney
for making the evening a great success!