Australasian Epidemiological Association News

The 23rd Annual Scientific Meeting of the Australasian Epidemiological Association (2016) was held at the Australian National University from 14-16 September. The tagline was “Epidemiology for Action” promoting a focus on exploring how epidemiology can be used to engage with, and inform, public health policy. Meeting themes included epidemiological methods, biostatistics, mental health, infectious and chronic diseases, how the environment affects health, and health across the course of life.

The meeting was attended by 225 delegates over the 3 days. Highlights included the Networking Dinner at the Boat House where the feature of the evening was the invited speaker Prof Chris Baggoley who had the guests rolling around in their chairs laughing throughout his 30 minute speech. The Welcome Reception at the National Arboretum had a great atmosphere and was greatly enjoyed, despite the somewhat miserable weather. We had a fantastic mix of plenaries from academia and outside and, despite the speakers essentially choosing their own topics, they fitted so well together you might think it was all planned! AEA 2016 was a great opportunity to meet people, catch up with colleagues, and indulge ourselves in epidemiology for action.

Robyn Lucas