Australasian Epidemiological Association News

Update on the World Congress of Epidemiology

We have received 1,135 abstracts for the conference, which was beyond our expectations! This is a much anticipated conference for the international epidemiological community, and the COVID-19 pandemic shows just how important epidemiology is. After six years of planning, we look forward to bringing the World Congress of Epidemiology to Australia -  the last time it was in Australia was 26 years ago! The aim is to engage all of those working in or interested in epidemiology internationally. The overarching theme of the conference is ‘Methodological Innovations in Epidemiology’, and sub-themes include: Teaching and communicating epidemiology and bio-statistics, Translation from research to policy and practice, and Career development for Early to Mid-Career Epidemiologists. We now also plan to include a dedicated session for COVID-19 – related presentations at the conference.