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COVID-19 Advice, Research and News

Below is a list of websites curated by the AEA Council which may be useful for members looking for quick references on COVID-19. This is not an exhaustive list and we will add to this list over time.


World Health Organisation
World Health Organisation COVID19 Health Systems Response Monitor
The Role of Epidemiologists in SARS-CoV-2 and COVID-19 Research
INEP website
Johns Hospkins COVID tracker
Guardian News (COVID International)

New Zealand:

New Zealand official advice
New Zealand COVID19 news

Pacific Island Nations:

Pacific Islands Community Updates


Australian official advice and Coronavirus (COVID-19) health alerts
Victorian DHHS advice 
Queensland Health advice
Queensland Public Health alerts
New South Wales advice
Northern Territory advice
Tasmania advice
ACT advice
Western Australia advice
South Australia advice

Other COVID19 Research, News, and Other Communications
Selection of MJA articles:
Selection of ANZJPH articles:
Australian Partnership for Preparedness Research on Infection Disease Emergencies (APPRISE)
Research Australia - COVID-19 series report 1 "How Australia's heatlh and medical research sector is responding"

Selection of news and research from the Doherty Institute

Selection of articles from Croakey (independent journalism)